Come with us on a relaxed adventure to see India’s Magnificent wildlife


Comfort Bird Tours India was established in 2019 by CB Singh, a person with passion and who came up from the grass roots being a guide for international tour companies stretching over 15 years; he carefully studied the terrain and the wildlife of a diverse country like India, as a researcher. He is an expert in birding of the rarest of the rare birdlife. India is in itself a cultural extravaganza and CB knows it all. He has worked across India in northern region in states like Ladakh, Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Punjab. In western region, he is through with Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. In Central India, his expertise is in Madhya Pradesh. But he is most passionate about Rajasthan and Gujarat and he knows these states intimately.

He launched Comfort Bird Tours India to give you a unique opportunity to see India’s wildlife, beautiful birds across varied topography and eco-systems, and the core culture of each of these places. Travelling at a relaxed pace with an English-speaking guide who will help you plan a bespoke itinerary and help you get ‘under the skin of India’ and make you feel the essence, that is India. You are guaranteed fabulous bird and wildlife sightings and photographic opportunities, but you also have the chance to visit historic towns and Temples, pick out amazing local handicrafts if you’d like to, and eat some wonderful local dishes.


Go to the itinerary page of our website and click through to see some of our sample itineraries.

Clients tend to start with one of these itineraries and then work with us to create a bespoke version for themselves depending on time available, the birds or animals of interest based on the members of the group.

Our strength is our individuality. Give us your trust! And we take it to our heart to ensure and delightful experience.


Once your itinerary is created and confirmed, Comfort Bird Tours India will book your travel and accommodation in India:

  • India is a large country and budget airlines now make internal travel easy. We can book internal flights for you.
  • Comfort Bird Tours India will book hotels and ‘homestays’ for you. We aim to be as close as we can to the sites without compromising the standard of the accommodation but please let us know if you are looking for a particular standard or something extra special and we’ll try to help
  • We will travel between sites in a spacious, air-conditioned vehicle. Charging points should be available on board for all your devices and for those of you needing internet access as we travel we will have a dongle with us.


Plastic pollution is a big issue around the world, and we are doing our bit to cut down on single use plastic on our tours. Visitors to India have become reliant on drinking water from plastic bottles which are often not recycled. If you can, please bring a water bottle with you and we will offer freshly boiled and cooled water every day to fill these. We hope you’ll support us in this initiative but if you don’t feel comfortable with boiled water, we can of course provide pre-bottled water – just let us know.

Where possible we try and give something back to the areas we visit. We will use ‘homestaystyle’ accommodation when we can as these places directly support the local economy and, because they are run by people who are passionate about their area, you get opportunity to learn more about rural India.